Academic Council

Higher education is not only about equipping students with diverse information but also making them knowledgeable and skilled. The colleges are quality-conscious and committed to enhancing quality. The college is continuously striving towards achieving excellence.
College academic council is an academic body charged with the responsibility of planning and executing the academic activities of an institution so that the compulsory curriculum is completed within a stipulated time frame. It also has the responsibility of ensuring a rich learning experience for the student body through a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

       Scheduling time slots for activities outside the course schedule, recommendations to strengthen learning resources, measures to promote student discipline, student progress, a pleasant campus experience for them is the primary objective of the Academic Council.


1. To revise and approve the content of the value-added courses
2. To make arrangement for the conduct of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
3. To recommend for the award of stipends, scholarships, medals, and prizes to the students.
4. To create an environment conducive for skill development
5.To make arrangements for the conduct of tests and internal assessment examinations
6. To ensure student discipline
7. To prepare a plan of action for the ensuing academic year


Composition- The Academic Council consists of:

1. Principal – Chairman
2. Coordinator IQAC – Member Secretary
4. Head of Subject Departments

Nominated Member of the Academic Council