About Amori

On 15 September 1997, Champawat was separated from Pithoragarh district and established by the then UP Chief Minister. Earlier, this district was a tehsil of Pithoragarh district. A place called Amori area is situated on the road to Tanakpur at a distance of 29 km from Champawat district, which is a hilly area. Nearby this area are rural areas like Dudhori, Diuyri Naulpaani, Khatoli and Pachhnai, Chhatkot, Larabora etc. A big river Kyorala flows between Amori and other rural areas. In the past, during the rainy season, people of Khatoli and nearby areas used to stay at home for 10-10 days in the Amori area due to fear of the river. There were no roads for Khatoli and Pachnai. People used to stock their goods for months through horses and mules. Currently, this area is moving on the path of development. The lifestyle, food habits and clothing of the people of the above villages of this region are normal and simple. The educational level of women is quite low. The women of this region work in the fields all day long just like men. That is, they are very hardworking. The people of the region depend on agriculture and labour. Compared to the past, at present 10 percent of the people in each village are working in government service. Due to the poor economic condition of the people of this region, mainly their daughters were deprived of higher education after high school and intermediate. Since the establishment of the Government Degree College in the year 2016, this college became a love of the eyes for the people of this region. All the children started registering for higher education . This college is proving to be a milestone especially for girls. By getting education from this college, students are getting army, employment and self-employment. Children of the people of dozens of villages above are getting higher education from this college. In the coming time, all the boys and girls of this region will become fully educated and will increase the prestige of this region.

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