Student Union

To ensure the participation of students in quality improvement and decision-making college student union is formed annually after the completion of college admissions according to the rules framed by the Soban Singh Jeena University Almora as directed by the Lyngdoh Committee. The office bearers of the student union are elected on a direct election basis by the college students.

The Students Union is an elected body that acts as a bridge between the students and the college administration. The union consists of the President, Vice-President, Cultural Secretary, General Secretary and the Treasurer. Their sole responsibility is to work towards student welfare and represent the needs of the student body of the college. They work in tandem with Department and Society unions during college events and on student initiatives and projects. They organize major college events like the Freshers’ Orientation, College Fest, Independence Day etc. They are guided by a pool of Staff Advisors under the leadership of the principal Prof. (Dr.) Ajita Dikshit.

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In-charge Students Union: Smt. Pushpa Negi (Assistant Professor-History)

Student Union- 2023-24
Student Union- 2022-23