English Department

English Department

Department of English

“The aim of Literature is knowledge not of facts but of values.”
Year of Establishment: 2016.
In this era of globalization and Information and Technology, English has a special and predominant role in the communicative sphere of the world. The English Department of the college acknowledges that it must provide training in a variety of cognitive skills including analysing, synthesizing, speaking, listening, reading, evaluating, and appreciating language for itself.
The department has an essential responsibility for helping students develop their ability to use English well in all their studies and other endeavours also.

We seek to foster knowledge and a love of literature and of the English language in our students at Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya Amori. To introduce and enable them to appreciate and understand the differences in culture and language of the world.

To enhance and encourage continual professional development of the faculty and the students. To thread through the range of periods and genres of literature taught, the reading, writing, speaking and critical skills of the students, thus training the next generation of teachers and researchers.

➡️ To enhance the listening, speaking, reading, writing skills of students and to improve their vocabulary English
➡️ To facilitate the understanding and appreciation of the nuances of English language and literatures in English
➡️ To initiate the comprehension of the various genres of literatures in English from an Indian and multicultural perspective
➡️ To hone the skills of the students to increase the scope of their employability and entrepreneurial abilities
➡️ To orient them towards innovative research

Best Practices:
➡️Regular Student Seminars
➡️Encouragement to students for presentation of PowerPoint slides related to their field of study
➡️Encouragement to students for working in groups
➡️Individual Mentoring
➡️Special care for slow-learners
➡️Review of Students’ Projects
➡️Use of ICT tools
➡️Additional special classes
➡️Field trips
Head of the Department
Dr. Ranjana Singh

Sample Description
Sample Description