Administrative Staff

An administrative staff of the Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya Amori performs necessary bookkeeping activities and maintains the weekly schedules of employees. They provide support and act as the point of contact for all employees. As the administrative staff of the college, they primarily provide administrative and secretarial support for the department. Typically, they do report writing, filing and scheduling, and payroll. They do complex task that involves multi-tasking from the preparation of the office and department reports to analyzing data and finding solutions. 

Administrative Staff

S.No. Name Designation Photo



श्री हरीश चन्द्र जोशी 


प्रधान सहायक कार्यालय




श्री दशरथ सिंह बोहरा 


अनुसेवक-पी. आर. डी.




  श्री महेश लाल


अनुसेवक-पी. आर. डी.




श्री दिनेश चन्द्र सिंह रावत 


स्वच्छक/ चौकीदार- उपनल