The publication of Creative Wall was started to provide a creative platform to students where they could present their own work of creativity and interests. Designing and selection of content is also done by the students on various issues such as various awareness programmes, Covid etc.

Aims of Creativity in the college Creative Walls:

✅ Enhance talent of individuals.
✅ For Social development for the society.
✅ For personality development of the students of the college
✅ For increase the intellectual level and Imagination power of such people who indulge in Creativity
✅ For exposure, these students are visionary.

Patron : Dr. Ajita Dikshit, Principal

Member: Professors of College

Coordinator : Smt. Pushpa (Assistant Professor-History)

Assistant Coordinator: Dr. Rekha Mehta (Guest Faculty- Hindi)

विविध गतिविधियां, छायाचित्र सत्र 2019-22