Student Support

Besides regular Teaching-Learning Programmes, there are various mechanisms and support systems to help new students to adjust the environment of the college. Following committees and cells are there to help students:

Student Welfare Committee: Students who are meritorious, but financially weaker, may apply to this committee for financial aid from the Students’ Aid Fund or may apply for Free-studentship for exemption of Tuition Fees. The notice for the same will be put up on the Students’ Notice Board.
Cultural Committee: Students who are interested in cultural activities may contact teacher members of this sub-committee, or may contact the office-bearers of the Students’ Union to take part in different cultural activities.
Internal Complaints Committee: Any incident of Ragging, though very scarce in our college, must be complained upon and written to the members of this cell and dropped in the complaint box. Moreover, any grievance of students may be written to the members of this cell. Students may write their grievances in a letter, even without their names, and drop it in a box.
Placement cell: This cell has been functioning for the last few years to train final-year students for SERVICE ENTRY and organise CAREER COUNSELING so that they may face the job market well-prepared. So far, almost fifty students have been directly placed through this cell.
Remedial Coaching Committee: This cell has been functioning for the last few years to make the socially backward students at par with the others. Special coaching classes are organized outside of the regular classes where the students can clinch out any doubt and study informally, so that the curricula may be more interesting.
Anti Ragging Cell : Anti Ragging Cell consisting of convener and members of the teaching staff perform duties with respect of maintaining the discipline in the institution. The cell monitors discipline among the student community in the classroom and on campus. Preventive steps such as issuing notices, warnings, instructions etc are circulated among students.
Scholarship: The students are being scaffolded by various scholarships entrusted by governmental and non-governmental bodies. The college provides a platform to acquire the scholarships by informing and helping them to apply for each available scholarship.
Remedial Coaching : The college conducts remedial coaching for students who need special care and support in academics. Proper guidance and training is provided under the programme to enable the students to come up to the level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently.