Sports Activities are organized regularly. The College has been organizing Annual Sports Day every Year.

There is active participation in sports activities including local level tournaments and Inter-collegiate Tournament organized by Soban Singh Jeena University Almora. The college team participated in the following inter-collegiate Tournaments of Soban Singh Jeena University Almora Uttarakhand.

1- High and Long Jump
2- Volleyball
3- Cricket
4- Badminton
5- Running
6- Javelin and Hamor throw

Annual games are in processor organizing in the college. Selected student further plays intercollege and inter inter-university sports events every year. Annual games and sports functions are organized in the college. A sportsperson may participate in up to three competitions. The best sportsperson is nominated champion.

Important Points:
• Sport provides better productivity and more prolific life.
• It helps maintain a good balance and maintain mental health properly.
• It Helps learn to work in a team.
• Sports activities teach the art of time management, and no active teaching is able to teach this precious skill.
• It is a good bonus for future resume.

In charge: Prof. Pushpa Negi