The principal of the college, Teaching faculties and all the administrative staff heads should make all efforts to pursue the following goals.

The Principal:

  1. Should be a dynamic and democratic administrator and should be punctual and sincere in work and work liabilities.
  2. Should monitor all activities of the college campus efficiently and effectively.
  3. Should call when staff meetings periodically towards taking appropriate and sound decisions towards overall development of the college.
  4. Should observe the maintenance of the college campus properties.
  5. Should be proactive in taking the initiative to introduce new programmes/courses related to the needs of the changing times, and should upgrade the pedagogical inputs.
  6. Should encourage the heads of the departments to organise conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, as well as invited expert lectures.
  7. Should behave impartially, and endeavour to maintain a cordial relationship with the members of the staff, students, and other stakeholders.
  8. Should acknowledge as well as appreciate the academic and other achievements of the staff as well as other stakeholders.
  9. Should endeavour to facilitate good reports between the administration and the staff.
  10. Should hear patiently the grievances of not just the students, but staff in general, as well as the parents or guardians of the students.
  11. Should insist on discipline, punctuality, and accountability of students as well as staff.
  12. Should focus on the need for efforts at the institutional level for the placement of the students for different jobs by inviting reputed firms and organisations to hold campus interviews.
  13. The principal and all the administrative heads encourage staff members to continue knowledge up-gradation via various activities like research work, and workshops, seminars, authorship.
  14. The principal and all the administrative heads should be responsive to monitor the character or behaviour of the students in their lives or nationalism, patriotism social commitments, and individual achievements.
  15. The principal should plan review and implement short and long-term plans of action for the progress of students and the institute.
  16. The principal should forward an unbiased confidential report of all staff members to the higher authorities.

The heads of departments should endeavour to:

  1. The heads of departments should strive to lead manage and develop the department.
  2. Should prepare the academic plan for every semester (or annual academic year, as the case may be) and should monitor or ensure proper implementation of the same in a continual time frame manner.
  3. To frame the timetable and distribution of workload for proper implementation of the desired teaching outcomes.
  4. To monitor and ensure classes are held according to the timetable and should be responsible for ensuring the educational progress and welfare of the students.
  5. Should endeavour to involve themself along with the faculty members in the process of curriculum development and delivery.
  6. Supervise the attendance of the students in the classes both theory and practical.
  7. Should strive to contribute to the overall development of the faculties of each student through the organisation of socially relevant tasks, their personality development, competition etc .
  8. To conduct periodic meetings of faculty to plan and review department activities.
  9. To arrange guest lectures, industrial visits, and webinars to encourage students to gain practical knowledge.
  10. Consider students’ grievances and try to resolve them through ethical academic practice to monitor department/laboratory maintenance (where available).
  11. To monitor and ensure the overall development of both slow and fast learners.

The members of the teaching faculty should endeavour to :

  1. Maintain decorum, both inside and outside the classroom, and strive hard to be a role model to students.
  2. Be punctual, and upright in their service delivery and should be dressed modesty and formally.
  3. Respect the ideas of democracy, patriotism, and peace and treat the colleagues in the same manner as they wish to be treated.
  4. Speak respectfully to other teachers, and render, in all possible ways, assistance for their professional endeavour.
  5. Render due consideration to the rights and dignity of the students in expressing their opinions.
  6. Motivate students to improve their attributes and at the same time contribute to community welfare.
  7. Encourage students to participate in both curricular, co-curricular and extension activities.
  8. Inculcate research aptitude amongst the students be friendly towards students and not behave in a vindictive manner with them for their past mistakes.
  9. Make extra efforts to resolve the apprehensions of the students and solve the queries being put up by them, post the class hours.
  10. Inculcate in students the respect for national heritage, national goals, and national integrity.
  11. Treat students impartially, regardless of their caste, creed, religion, political economic, or social.
  12. Endeavour to act as a good counsellor and facilitator in guiding the students.
  13. Co-operate with the higher authorities, and extend support towards carrying out the programmes related to educational responsibilities, such as advice and counselling students, and facilitate the smooth conduction of the activities, like admission, examination, invigilation, and evaluation, administrative, and like.

The non-teaching staff should:

  1. Report for routine duty on time and remain on campus during working hours.
  2. Report for duty on the reopening day and the last working day of each semester, or academic year.
  3. Append his/her signature on the attendance register while reporting for duty.
  4. Always wear the identity card issued while inside the college premises.
  5. Comply with instructions issued by the principal or the administrative head, from time to time.
  6. Avoid using cell phones during working hours and wear dress neatly and modestly.
  7. Endeavour towards having a basic working knowledge of the computer. And co-operate with the members of other faculty or sections.
  8. Behave with due dignity and decorum, or even composure with others.
  9. Be responsive to students inquiring with due concern, and make it worth to ensure all possible help.
  10. Treat the students and other stakeholders, impartially, regardless of caste, creed, religion, political, economic, or social
Adopted from University Grants Commission