Alumni Association

The alumni association of Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya Amori (Champawat) is elected every year by the former students of the college. Former students are very useful in the wellness of the college. Alumni develops and promotes friendly and cordial relations between former students and past and present staff of the college.

Objectives of Alumni Association-

  1. Planning and organising successful relationships with the college.
  2. To involve alumni in student development through participation in academic activities such as teaching.
  3. To promote activities for financial assistance for the development of the college.
  4. To promote best practices in various fields of social life for the benefit of society.

Core Values
Alumni Association is committed to excellence in all its activities and is dedicated to the following core values:
• Loyalty – Pride in and commitment to the future that we are creating together as a college and an alumni community, while honoring our history, traditions and achievements.
• Integrity – Transparency and ethical behavior in all of our interactions.
• Diversity – Recognizing and valuing differences and seeking alternative perspectives and inclusiveness in all that we do.
• Innovation – Striving to be an industry leader in alumni relations through a creative and transformational business model.
• Continuous Improvement – Pursuit of excellence through ability and responsiveness to stakeholders and the environment.

In-charge of the association: Dr. Sanjay Kumar (Astt. Professor)

Session 2023-24

  1. Association President: Mr. Ravindra Kumar, 
  2. Association Voice-President: Kiran Bhatt
  3. Association Secretary: Reeta Bhatt
  4. Deputy Secretary: Nirmala 


Session 2022-23

क ० स०  नाम  पद 
1 रवीन्द्र आर्य अध्यक्ष
2 रवीन्द्र कुमार उपाध्यक्ष
3 बीना नायक सचिव
4 किरन चौहान कोषाध्यक्ष
5 पूजा भट्ट सम्मानित सदस्य
6 नीमा भट्ट सम्मानित सदस्य
7 निर्मला सम्मानित सदस्य
8 रश्मि सम्मानित सदस्य