Institutional Challenge

This area is mainly a hilly area of Champawat district. There are no special sources of earning income here. The means of livelihood of the people here is to go out to earn some money to feed their families. Therefore, due to these factors, the financial condition of the students is not very good. There are no institutions such as bank branches, vocational/technical schools in this area. There is no placement company through which the students here can get jobs. Due to the lack of Fiber Plus/Wi-Fi facility in the area, limited internet connectivity is available in the college due to which students are not able to access online study resources from tablet/mobile. There are limited non-teaching fourth-class employees available in the college, and efforts are proceeding to increase them. Due to the college being in a hilly and inaccessible area, there is no connectivity with railway transport due to which the pace of development is slow.