Annual Sports Competition: 

Annual Sports Meet: The Sports Meet, which is an integral part of our college is organised every year in association with the Students’ Union of the college. The principal of the College and and other guests inaugurate the events and inspires the young talents to be more enthusiastic and sportive with his valuable and motivational speech. Almost all types of Sports and Games are organized for both the boys and the girls. Consequently, we can proudly announce that our young talents are well known to every nook and corner of the sporting fields. The Games and Sports are organised on the big playground of our college. The Players also undergo through regular practice on our college playground with zeal of success and achievements.

Footballs, Hammer throw, SHOT PUT, Kabaddi, Kho kho, Racing, High Jump (For both Boys and Girls), Long Jump (For both Boys and Girls), 100 meter Race (For both Boys and Girls), 200 meter Race (For both Boys and Girls): Almost all the students both boys and girls take part in the Annual Sports Meet to make it a grand success. Prizes are given away among the champions and runners by the honourable Principal and other dignitaries on the final day of the Sports Meet.