Eco club

Eco club or green club is a voluntary group in this college which promotes the participation of students in learning about, and improving their environment. A green club is a means by which students and youth can organize themselves to learn more and this issue, and also take action to improve their immediate environment.
Eco Clubs play an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation

The activities under the scheme include:

  • Students are motivated to keep their campus green and clean.
  • Students are encouraged to use water sparingly.
  • Motivate students to adopt habits and lifestyle of minimum waste generation, source separation and disposal of waste at the nearest storage point.
  • To educate students to spread awareness about cleanliness among the people, so that indiscriminate burning of waste can be prevented.
  • Students are being made aware to minimize the use of plastic bags and not to throw them in public places. Because they block drains and sewers, cause waterlogging and provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • Awareness programs like tree plantation programme, quiz, essay, painting competition, rally, street play etc. are being organized regarding environmental issues.


Prof. (Dr.) Ajita Dikshit : Patron

  • Dr. Dinesh Kumar GuptaCoordinator
  • Dr. Sanjay KumarAssistant Coordinator
  • Dr. Ranjana SinghMember
  • Smt PushpaMember
  • Sri Atul Kumar Mishra – Member
  • Sri Sanjay Kumar Gangwar Member
  • Dr. Rekha Mehta Member
  • Sri Harish Chandra Joshi Member
  • Sri Dashrath Bohra – Assistant
Green Campus Initiatives



Policy for Green Campus, Environment & Safety

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1 Policy for Green Campus, Environment & Safety