Parents Teachers Association

The college has an active Parents Teachers Association (PTA) that provides remarkable support to the routine functioning of the college. The PTA assists the overall development of the students by extending financial and other support to the curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities of students.
There are six official committee members –

➡️ Patron: Principal of the Institution
➡️ President:  President will be elected among the Parents of the students.
➡️ Vice President: Vice presidents will be elected among the Parents of the students.
➡️ Teachers Secretary: one of faculty member
➡️ Deputy Minister: Deputy Minister will be elected among the Parents of the students.
➡️ Treasurer: will be elected among the Parents of the students.
➡️ Parents Representatives: 02 Member will be elected by the Parents of the students
➡️ Executive Members/Teacher Representatives: 04 Members will be nominated by the college faculty

Aims and objectives :

✅ Promoting good/ positive relationships between teachers, students, staff, parents/guardians.
✅To ensure high academic standards and enable the smooth working of the college.
To ensure good infrastructural facilities in higher learning institutes.
✅ The PTA holds meetings to have an awareness of the overall performance of students, the status of developmental activities of the college, etc.
✅ To create in members a keen interest in the smooth working of the college and in maintaining good discipline and high academic standards
✅To collect voluntary subscriptions, donations, gifts, etc., from members, nonmembers, and other institutions for furthering the aims and objectives of the association
✅ To provide amenities to the students
✅ To encourage parents/ guardians to be involved in the education and development of the students

Parents Teachers Association (session 2023-24)

1- Patron : Principal Dr. Ajita Dikshit
2- President: Sri Tulshi Bhatt
3- Vice President: Sri Mukesh Kumar
4- Teacher Secretary: Dr. D.K. Gupta
5- Deputy Minister: Sri Ramesh Chandra Bhatt
6- Treasurer: Sri Narayan Singh

Parent Representatives:

Member – 1 : Sri Vidyadhar Bhatt
Member – 2 : Sulochna

Executive Members/Teacher Representatives

1- Dr. Sanjay Kumar
2- Sri Atul Kumar Mishra
3- Sri Sanjay Kumar Gangwar
4- Dr. Rekha Mehta

PTA REPORT 2023-24


PTA Meeting: Photographs: 23-02-2024