Rules and Ragulations

Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya Amori is ready to fully comply with the orders of Uttarakhand Government and the instructions of Soban Singh Jeena University, Almora. The college has its own dress code and some important rules have been made for the growth and discipline of the students, Its compliance is mandatory –

✅ Students should be regular and punctual to both theory and practical classes and should be in the classes at least 5 minutes before the bell.
✅ When the Principal/Teachers/ Staff Member and other eminent guest enters the class, all students should stand up by way of showing respect.
✅ When the classes are in progress, proper decorum should be maintained.

➡️ Smoking, consumption of alcohol, gambling and other unlawful activities are prohibited inside the campus. Any violation will ultimately lead to the dismissal of the student from the college.
➡️ No student who has been convicted for an offence in a court of law or arrested in connection with any offence will be permitted to join or to resume his/her studies in the college.
➡️A disciplinary committee is constituted with the Convenor and the Heads of the various departments as members. The committee will look into the charge levelled against the student(s) and will conduct a thorough enquiry. The recommendation of the committee will be accepted and the action will be taken by the Principal accordingly.

Ragging in any form is prohibited by the government of India and the government of Uttarakhand. As per the existing government orders, if a student is reported to have been involved in ragging, he/she will be expelled from the college without any enquiry being conducted. The college will follow the orders of the government in respect of any such incident.

Prof. (Dr.) Ajita Dikshit : Patron

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta– Chief-Proctor
Dr. Sanjay Kumar – Co-Chief Proctor
Dr. Ranjana Singh– Member
Smt Pushpa – Member
Sri Atul Kumar Mishra – Member
Sri Sanjay Kumar Gangwar– Member
Dr. Rekha Mehta – Member
Sri Harish Chandra Joshi – Member